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This will be a collection of tutorials about specific topics on Processing related designing and programming issues. It's an ongoing process, as colleagues, friends and me will try to publish one tutorial every month.

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Table of Contents

Processing RSS feeds

2008-01-13, Till Nagel
  • Introduction to RSS and XML
  • How to find data
  • Loading and using feeds
  • Displaying and visualizing data
  • Using media files
  • Examples
Tutorial on processing RSS feeds

Rotating elements

2008-04-04, Till Nagel
  • Rotating and translating
  • Matrices
  • Loops & animation
  • Examples
Tutorial on rotating elements in Processing

Mapping geo-positions

2009-12-05, Till Nagel
  • Parsing XML from web services
  • Mapping geo-positions
  • Visualizing data
  • Extracting places from texts
  • Map projections
  • How to use YQL and Placemaker
Tutorial on mapping geo information from Wikipedia articles
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